Monday, February 16, 2009

Volta Overload

So. It turns out that the Grammy's are somewhat legit after all. I know this is a little late but The Mars Volta won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance on their song "Wax Simulacra". I am a huge volta fan but I realize they are a hate or love kind of band. Whatever your choice is you can't say they aren't doing something unique. They are very left wing kind of people and that's what I like so much. Anyway, they WON! against people like Disturbed and Tommy Lee. (I know, I know WTF I said to myself too) I'm really glad to see a bunch of spics like me onstage at such a big event. BIG UP TO ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE ACTS OF TODAYS MUSIC - THE MARS VOLTA!

The Mars Volta - Wax Simulacra

Now - with that being said. The guitarist/leader of the band released a record on Stones Throw which in my opinion is one of the most accesible records this cat has put out to date. And the vinyl looks beautiful, Come on!


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