Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Remix Time!

Mr. Doom's - Gazzillion Ear remixed by none other then Thom Yorke


Secondhand Sureshots!

Stones Throw is proud to announce Dublab's Secondhand Sureshots. This is a multimedia film, vinyl, producing and printing project with producers Daedelus, J.Rocc, Nobody and Ras G. This DVD/CD will be released worldwide in 2010, and Stones Throw's got the deluxe super set available now...

dublab presents...SECONDHAND SURESHOTS (preview) from dublab on Vimeo.

+ Stones Throw was nice enough to pass on a little taste to get you in the groove!

J Rocc - Secondhand Sureshots



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Diamond Watch Wrists

Diamond Watch Wrists is: Guillermo Scott Herren (Prefuse 73) and Zach Hill (Hella), flexing their combined musical muscles to create a brilliantly skewed vision of Psych-folk music. They have an album that is out now on Warp Records called "Ice Capped at both ends". I really recommned to anyone who is a fan of either musician, but please dont come in the door expecting prefuse or hella!


+ another goodie!


How about a hotels in space?

A company based out of Spain say that the multi-million dollar project is on! and ready to have their first customers on trips to space starting the year 2012. Not too far away if you ask me. I never actually thought that wewould be able to take a weekend out in space, but I was wrong - now we can. Literally.

The Galactic Suite Space Resort say it will cost aroudn 4.4 million dollars to spend three days in space including an 8 week training off in a tropical island somewhere.

During their stay guest would get the chance to see the sun rise 15 times a day and travel all the way around the world every 80 minutes. The special "space suits" would be made of velcro so that they can crawl around the room and stick to the walls like spider man - Wow I say!
Passengers will arrive in a rocket and it will take a day and a hal to get there.

More then 200 people have shown interest to stay in the space hotels and at least 43 have already reserved.

Anyone willing to give me 4.4$ million bucks? Im down.


*from MSN

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos!

from your faithfull servant: B3

New music from my dad Thom Yorke


New Flaming Lips!

Below is a video from The Flaming Lips at KCRW in LA (which happens to be one of the best radio staions in the world imo) The guys chat a little and play alot of new tunes from their BRILLIANT new album Embryonic!

Please pay attention to THE FLAMING LIPS!!!!


I'll probably be kicked in the mouth for this.

I hawked this outta current TV. thought it was weird/funny/sad.


this shit is just funny!!!!!

The Ills

More Mayer Hawthorne ... the ills


first listen at the new MADVILLAIN!

Madvillain saved my life! MF DOOM & Madlib teamed up once again to give us sumtin' to bump to! Can't wait for this release - no realease date yet though, but it's coming!



Scars is the new album by the genius' that are Basement Jaxx. I've been a long time fan of the jaxx and I've never been disappointed by any of their albums. They have been the creators of most of the "new" sounds used by pretty much every dj on the face of th earth. Except people dont catch up until about 5 years later. Think dub? the jaxx did it 10 years ago. Fidget house? yeah - again way waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before the craze that is now happening!.

Wanna hear some good electronic music? Can't get any better then Basement Jaxx!


Them Crooked Vultures!

The guys are finally releasing their long awaited debut album. The US date will be November 17th!

The self-produced 13-song record will feature the debut of the studio versions of the material Them Crooked Vultures unveiled at its August 9 debut at Chicago's Cabaret Metro and played on a first series of shows throughout a handful of UK and European cities and portions of the eastern U.S.


one last stop

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The real nasty!

Dipping tobacco is one of those "bad" things that I have never wanted to try. I usually did everything I was told not to do (just like everyone else)but dipping never aroused my curiosity. I think it was mainly the fact that an old ex's dad did it alot and every time I talked to him you could just smell then nasty tobacco right out of his mouth. And also - the whole spitcup deal is one of the grosest things I've ever seen. Eeeeew!


Friday, October 9, 2009


Wow, I just found out about this guy. Sonido Chico from Mexico but currently living in Los Angeles. His music sounds like he took a bunch of old "disco" music from mexico and mashed it up with the dirtiest loops ever!!!!! It really appeals to me ... being a full blown beaner! Because growing up in mexico city - you would always hear the trax that SONIDO plays in his mixes. I'm glad to know that someone decided to touch up these songs with their much needed new millenium update!

*promise as soon as I find somewhere to buy them I'll post up the info!

for now... hear it please!

chico sonido a bailar (el ritmo ) teaser from chico sonido on Vimeo.

chico sonido mas discotheque teaser from chico sonido on Vimeo.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Harmony Korine's "Trash Humpers"

So Harmony finally released his latest movie "Trash Humpers" and it started with row after row cackling at these “old people” humping trash cans, tree branches and bags of trash. It slowly subsided into “Ohs” and prolonged silence cut through by the “HNEE HNEE HNEE” laughter of the film’s cameraman. “What happened was I grew up really close and now I live really close where we filmed it in,” Korine said at the press conference afterwards. Another remarkable feat would come from not a single person, at least by some standards, walking out. The further empetus for Humpers came from walking his dog through the back alleys and streets that turn into a sort of disturbing playground rewound in VHS. “Sometimes when I walk through these alleys, they would resemble humans to me by the way they were laying or had fallen on the ground. And I don’t know what happened–I sort of imagined what it’d be like to hump them,” he said.
In essence, Humpers plays as part childhood memory distorted by god only knows what else Korine has done in his life. But it also acts in a lesson much parodied in Antichrist discussion: that chaos reigns. Here, elderly peepers that “seemed like they lived in the shadows” wander around drinking wine and repeating mantras like “Take it, take it, don’t fake it, fake it!”
Richard Peña asked Korine if he had intentionally thought of “horror icons” like Freddie Kruger or other Slasher Killers when putting the Humpers in these elderly masks.
“I wasn’t consciouslly referencing any of those movies or thinking about them…There’s something strange to me about seeing people with the same face,” he said,
The inevitable question of how this began almost seems natural considering how Korine may function: what began as a photography project taking on low-fi undertones developed into a film to be shot instantly. It is magical to hear that the project only started four months ago and has just shown at the Toronto International Film Festival and now New York. In fact, it almost plays as an example of “How to make your auteur cinema…if your name is Harmony.”
On whether or not this is a film: ” In some ways I don’t even want to call it a movie, and I’ll be the first to say it. I wanted to make something that was more like an aritifact, something that was unearthed. Maybe imagine it was buried in a ditch somewhere.
On the tape which inspired Trash Humpers: “Someone came up and handed me a video tape a little while ago and told me to watch it. Usually I throw this stuff away because I’m scared to look at it, but this one I kept and waited a couple of months. My wife was there with her friend and told me to put a movie on. As a joke, I put this tape in. What I saw was just mainly this kids driving around, punching each other, playing tuba, driving and screaming at each other. Just things that were seemingly mundane. They both started yelling at me to take it off, and I asked them why. They said, because someone is going to get murdered. I thought this was a strange reaction for them to have, but…I thought it was an interesting idea and a template to make the kind of movie like that…There might be the influence around the edges, but I was trying to devote myself purely to the honesty of making a feature film an artifact.”
On shooting: “It would just be a moment and a moment and a moment–early on we decided we would be very military. Pretty much the way you see it, even in the order, is the way it was shot.”

On changing how films are made: “The experience I had with my last movie was really terrible, the making of it was great but everything surrounding it was awful: how long it took, how frustrating the process was. Movies don’t need to change but the way in which films are made is too slow, too inhibiting, costs too much money. It seems to be in opposition to experimentation. I wanted to get to the point where I could have an idea, like a painter would and could quickly paint. I wanted to make films as quickly as I could paint them. So I had this idea, I had these friends around me and this location.. I wanted to make films as quickly as I could think of them. I had this idea…I did very little prep. Once I took the photos and I figured out…the whole shoot was a little over 2 weeks. we were out there wandering around like that. we would walk through tunnels, under bridges and through swamps.”

On not “having a script,” yet a rather lengthy soliloquy that “defines” Trash Humpers: “I’m an American filmmaker trying to make american movies in a very specific way. I felt like tht characer was nothing too deep or some kind of commentary on that world. It’s something I see every day and sometimes I feel that way. But at the same time, I’m not going to say that’s me or someone else pretending to be me.”
*via Current

in the Samoan Islands

once again nature unleashed itself.


...my heroe!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mos VS Doom

2 of my favs!

what u got on them?


...And you thought Thom Yorke was gone

... So, in 2006 Thom Yorke released his first solo album known as "The Eraser" and ended on my top 5 albums for the year!

And in a recent blogpost from the man himself he states that he's been working on forming a "band" to perform the material from the aformentioned album along with a few new tracks they've recently came up with...

The band (pictured above) consists of himself, Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, Beck/R.E.M. drummer Joey Waronker, percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Mauro Refosco, and... Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea."

In my opinion it sounds like a dream come true and to be working with a man of Mr. Yorke's stature is pretty amazing in itself.

Now, they were stingy enought to only have 2 shows in the LA area and you're in the area it's definetly something you should not miss!

Great bit of news if you ask me! We should all cross our fingers in hope that they'll come around and do a full-on tour!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mayer Hawthorne

on a brighter side ... I know my last post was kind of depressing (at least for me it was)

Mayer's the shit. You need to peep this cat.

Mayer Hawthorne w/ The Roots - Just Aint Gonna Work Out, live NYC from Stones Throw on Vimeo.

+ join me at Red 7 in Austin - Oct 10th to hear him live!
get your tickets here! they're only 8 bucks! no reason why you should miss something like that!


Lost Under Vegas

They have a neat, if compact kitchen, a furnished living area, and a bedroom complete with double bed, wardrobe and bookshelf featuring a wide selection including a Frank Sinatra biography and Spanish phrase book. And they make their money in some of the biggest casinos in the world. But their life is far from the ordinary.

Steven and girlfriend Kathryn's base - under Caesar's Palace casino - is one of the most elaborate. They even have a kettle and a makeshift shower fabricated out of an office drinking water dispenser.

Because, along with hundreds of others, the couple are part of a secret community living in the dark and dirty underground flood tunnels below the famous strip. Rather than working in the bars or kitchens they "credit hustle", prowling the casinos searching the fruit machines for money or credits left by drunken gamblers. Despite the risks from disease, highly venomous spiders and flooding washing them away, many of the tunnel people have put together elaborate camps with furniture, ornaments and shelves filled with belongings.

But their bed and many of their belongings are on crates to keep them off the damp floor.
Despite it being hot and dry outside, their tunnel is wet from water being sent down from nearby construction work.
As he gives a guided tour of home, Steven Dommermuth explains: "We use our imagination a lot.
"Our bed came from a skip outside an apartment complex. It's mainly stuff people dump that we pick up. One man's junk is another man's gold.

"We get the stuff late at night so people don't see us because it's kind of embarrassing."
He later gives directions to the tunnels' own art gallery, a collection of graffiti by local artists and some by the underground residents.

Steven moved into the tunnels two years ago after he lost his hotel front-desk job due to a heroin problem he claims he kicked in January.
He now works the same hotels credit-hustling, and his life retains other similarities with the one he left behind.

He says: "We work our way down the strip. The most I've ever found is 997 dollars (£609) on one machine. I've found about $500 a few times. But normally $20 or so is enough to call it a night. "We buy food and supplies like shampoo and soap. Last night I went and watched the new Quentin Tarantino movie Inglourious Basterds up at the Palms Hotel."

Despite his established set-up, Steven claims he eventually wants to leave the tunnels but can't because of two outstanding arrest warrants from drug possession charges two years ago.
It is estimated the population of the underground community could be as many as 700. As well as credit-hustling, they earn their money off the wildly excessive city above by begging and "dumpster diving" - raiding bins and skips. There are around 350 miles of flood channels running under Las Vegas. Most inhabitants are in the area under the city's strip.
Another couple, Amy and JR, have lived in the tunnels for two years, having moved to Las Vegas in search of work, wealth and a slice of the famous Sin City action.

Putting down the Twilight vampire book she is reading for the third time, Amy, 33, explains: "My husband and I have been down here two years this week.
"We were living with my mom in California but the house was full and we had to leave.
"I heard Las Vegas was a good place for jobs. It's the city that never sleeps, with all the bright lights, and I'd always wanted to come.

"But it was tough and we started living under the staircase outside the MGM casino. Then we met a guy who lived in the tunnels. We've been down here ever since.
"I have my books, my CD player, crossword puzzles, some clothes and my picture of our son Brady, who was killed 11 years ago at four months old. The main dangers are the floods and the Black Widow spiders. But it's not a terrible place to be if you're homeless.
"It's much cooler than on the streets, we get a breeze coming through and the cops don't really bother you. It's quiet and everyone helps each other out down here.
"I hope to get out one day. But I want to stay in Las Vegas - I love it here."
Amy and JR met 13 years ago and even got married in one of the city's popular wedding chapels on Valentine's Day last year.

Their wedding had some similarities with the 110,000 other couples who get hitched in the city each year.
JR, 36, explains: "We got married in the Shalimar Chapel.

"We went to watch a show, then to McDonald's for dinner. We got a little bit drunk and did the other normal wedding day things - only we had to come back down here rather than go to a hotel room."
Some of those living there have been forced into the network of tunnels by the recession and difficult job market.

The economic downturn has hit the underground residents in their pockets too.
Amy and JR's neighbour Jamie, showing off a wristband he found that gives him free food all day at a hotel buffet, explains: "I've been down here since May.
"I've worked at a lot of the hotels, mainly in building and construction, but not for a couple of years. The jobs are harder to come by now. "Now I credit hustle but there are lots more people doing it these days. Hundreds and hundreds. You see little old ladies doing it."
As for other entertainment in the tunnels, the 45-year-old adds: "We're big talk radio fans. And a few of us are accomplished musicians and have instruments here. "One guy down here has a full-time job. I don't think gambling is the cause of many people being down here. It's more alcohol and drugs. We all gamble a bit - we're in Vegas."
Local writer Matthew O'Brien, who has had a book published about the tunnel people, called Beneath The Neon, has been working with Steven and others to help get people housed. He recently founded the Shine A Light foundation to aid them. He explains: "I guide social workers into the tunnels, show them the terrain and introduce them to people.
"They offer these people services like health and drug counselling.
"We have got 12 to 15 people into houses in the last six months.
"But a lot of the people are very resistant to help. Many don't want to give up their addictions.
"They like their freedom and that no one is telling them what to do.
"They are scared of what's out there.
"To come out of the tunnel and face the world is intimidating for some of the people. Some are very much entrenched down in that tunnel and comfortable. That's why the charity doesn't like to give out too much food, water and clothing.
"We don't want them to get too comfortable because it is really an illusion. It can be extremely dangerous. "It doesn't rain much in Nevada but when it does the tunnels can fill very quickly. There have been 20 drownings in the last 20 years and a lot of those were people who were living in the tunnels. "Steve and Kathryn can say they feel like they have a home. But when it pours down three inches of rain in two hours it's clear it's not a home. It's a flood channel."
*via currenttv

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Cult of Michael Jackson?!?!?!

You read right.

The cult even has an elaborate book of scripture inspired by MJ songs. For example, "Man in the Mirror" becomes "look upon upon your reflection in the mirror, and change your own faults, and thou shall love man with all thy heart."

While we'd love to believe this is all on the up-and-up, and that MJ The Religion will be providing us with comic relief for years to come, there are some red flags. First, the church is located in Williamsburg -- a Brooklyn neighborhood full of hipsters who do scandalously ironic things like wearing trucker hats. And we're also pretty sure the number one rule of serious cult formation is not using the word "cult" in the group's name.

for more info go to cultofmichaeljackson.org

Like Always.



Viral Video Film School

I've been attending the Viral Video Film School for about 1 year now. That's because thats been how long I've known about Current TV.

Anyway, B. here points out the best things about American culture that most of us are scared of admitting to be a part of.

Please - I present to you. Viral Video Film School - HAULS!

a super ridiculous tre...

he can explain a whole lot better then I can.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funny of the day!

Keep f*****g that chicken!


Earth Days


Targeting Women.

I am forever in love with Sarah Haskins. She's got the be the funniest woman alive!




my ears are still ringing from last night! LOUD!!!!

best band ever!!!!!!


New Smashing Pumpkins!

'Free will mean free,' says frontman Billy Corgan'American alt-rockers the Smashing Pumpkins have announced they are to release their latest album, entitled Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, online and for free.

Breaking the news on the band's official website, frontman Billy Corgan said that the album will be absolutely free, no strings attached explaining: "Free will mean free, which means you won't have to sign up for anything, give an email address, or jump through a hoop."You will be able to go and take the song or songs as you wish, as many times as you wish."

--- Guess that's pretty cool. Free music is ALWAYS good!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Oh No! has a brand new album out called Dr.No's Ethiopium and it's one onf the most soulful hip-hop(for lack of a better term) I've heard recently. No matter what you're into, this release will sure get you moving!

check Stones Throw for more info!





Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Os Mutantes

This is Os Mutantes first album in 35 years. If you don’t know Mutantes, it would be easy to say something like they’re the Brazilian Beatles or the Brazilian version of the guys from Buena Vista Social Club, but they’re not; they’re Os Mutantes.

The Mutantes were a big part of the Tropicalia movement in Brazil during the ’60s. Imagine what you know about the psychedelic ’60s in America and the UK, and then combine that with Carnival, and you can basically suss up the sound of that movement. Put simply, it’s fucking wild.

Around 1964, there was a military coup in Brazil, and yes, that did suck. The starched uni’s were cracking down on the kids, art, and social activism. Legendary Brazilian musicians Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil were playing with Mutantes at the time, and they were arrested and forced into exile on some trumped up charges off communism. (Back in the ’60s anyone who didn’t agree with the far right were branded “communists” much like people are branded “socialists” or “Nazis” now. All bullshit).

But the point is, Mutantes’ music was so radically different and powerful that the government got involved. If that’s not an endorsement of something really special and creative going on, I don’t know what is.

For the past few decades, Os Mutantes have been gone. In the ’90s Kurt Cobain begged them to reunite so they could open for Nirvana. What an ass. Nirvana should have been loading Mutantes’ gear and stocking their green room.

The music on this album will blow your mind. Listen to it on a real stereo with some real speakers, not ear buds or plastic computer speakers. The instrumentation, harmonies, and pure passion will knock you over.

*via current


Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela New Album 11:11 Out Sep 09 from Gigiddy on Vimeo.

They have been one of the most influential "bands" to me these past few years. I had the priviledge to see them in New York last year for All Points West Festival. It was raining that day and they came out and then it really started pouring! The harder it rained the harder they played!

They will be here in Dallas October 19 @ the House Of Blues and it's one of those shows you don't want to miss!

Their new album 11:11 is out now and I definetly recommend it!


Friday, September 11, 2009

A big OOPS!

In rememberance of such a tragedy I found this vid.

After 8 years I'm still shocked that something like this would happen. I know it wasn't the first time but its still unbelievable.


The Public Option ...

Most people like me really don't get into politics. But now we live in an age of information and we'd be too dumb not to pay attention to things that will really affect us in the near future.

This explains things for folks like me. Found it useful. And maybe you will too.

Pass it to everyone you know.



Dream Killer

These are the things that nightmares are made of.


New Madlib

The Madlib/Strong Arm Steady collaboration album Stoney Jackson came together in a flurry of creative energy over recent months. Prompted by Madlib’s stalwart DJ J.Rocc, who supplied SAS with 14 new Madlib beats CD, this album’s conception and delivery bear resemblance to the trajectory took by 2003’s Jaylib with J Dilla and 2004’s Madvillain with DOOM.

The SAS had previously rapped over Madlib’s music on their mixtape/album Deep Hearted and on the Talib Kweli/Madlib album Liberation.

The Stoney Jackson album unfolds over sixteen tracks and is a brisk, exciting hip hop record. Krondon and Phil The Agony supply the majority of the vocals with the third SAS member Mitchy Slick; guest appearances include Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Little Brother’s Phonte, Planet Asia and a host of underground Los Angeles’s emerging rap talent.

Stoney Jackson represents Madlib’s return to the hip-hop fold and sets the scene for the OJ Simpson collaboration he’s finishing with Guilty Simpson.

*via StonesThrow


Major Lazer Carnival

In case you've been stuck under a rock lately you should know Switch & Diplo are. They formed MAJOR LAZER a kind of mythological alter ego for these guys. They've made sure that alot of the dancehall/reggae sound gets a new spin for the new millenium.

If you're a fan of electronic music or dancehall sounds then their debut album "GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE...LAZERS DO!" should be right up your alley. Yeah, yeah ... Im abit late on that but I'm trying to spread the word for those who didnt know.

Anyway. Check out the carnival that they put together a couple of weeks ago. Tons of fun! Great music! ...

Major Lazer Sound System Carnival 2009 from Ben's Films on Vimeo.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to drive drunk.

this could have been helpful about a week ago. lol


The Cygnus Psyanide

The Cygnus Psyanide is my brothers band. He is the lead guitarist/creator/songwriter/lyricist and pretty much decides the bands direction. I couldn't really classify their music and that's just because I wouldn't like to box the band that way.

5625 Yale Blvd
Dallas, TX 75206-5017
(214) 363-0660

Please listen to the music. And enjoy!

PS. this is kind of old video and with that I'm letting you know that some of the band members have been replaced. But music is still rockin.


How to get free fast food ...

This is a grrrrrrreat idea!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Consists of
John Paul Jones - Bass(Led Zep)
Dave Grohl - Drums(Foo Fighters, Nirvana Duh!)
Josh Homme - Guitars(Queens of the Stone Age)
Alain Johannes - Live Guitars Only(Queens of the Stone Age)

I think it's awesome. And I'm seeing them at ACL


Next Wednesday Sept 16 @ Palladium - Dallas

September 16, 2009 (Viva Mexico Cabrones!)

My favorite band. The Mars Volta will be kicking your a** at the Palladium in Dallas.
Don't miss out. They're the kind of band you wish you never missed. A few years from now you'll be thanking me. LOL

Tickets Here!


Radio is NOT about music.

The radio hasn't always been a friend of mine. For a long time they didn't allow songs like "bullet to the head" or "imagine" out of fear that people will start thinking differently. Anyway I think censorship is advertisement paid for by the government. And once again it all comes down to ... MONEY!

Here's a really good opinion on what/how radio works. Kinda

down with radio. wont mention any specifics 'cus I'd get decapitated.


Some more Beatles.

So ... The Beatles are still one of the most relevant bands around even though they really haven't put out and album in about half a century. Don't get me wrong, I love The Beatles.

Now having said that. I do believe that they are a bit burned out; however, that's just the game of money, right?

While reading one of the many articles covering their new remastered albums and the new videogame I stumbled upon this. An inside view of what it was like to make the famous "White Album". Personally my favorite of theirs. Hope you can enjoy it as much as I did.


macdonalds lost!

so that's 1 down. a million more to go.

hopefully one day mcthrow up will go down.

and we'll live happily ever after.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

What the?

Felt a sense of union somehow, after watching this!

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival on Vimeo.

Where's our money?

This guys made Bowling for Columbine and Sicko. I wonder what he has up his sleeve this time?

Monday, August 10, 2009

No more Radiohead albums?

Radiohead has been a band that always makes me look forward to what they're gonna do next.

But frontman Thom Yorke tells Believer magazine that the band is done with the album format, at least for now."None of us want to get into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again," Yorke says in the magazine's July/August issue. "It's just become such a drag. It worked with In Rainbows because we had a real fixed idea about where we were going. But we've all said that we can't possibly dive into that again. It'll kill us."Radiohead recently self-released a new single, available through the band's Web site. "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)" is a tribute to Britain's only remaining veteran of WWI, who died in July at the age of 111. Unlike much of Radiohead's recent work, the song is mostly orchestrated string parts, without percussion or electronics."We've done that now. That's that," Yorke tells Believer. "In Rainbows was a particular aesthetic, and I can't bear the idea of doing that again. Not that it's not good; I just can't... bear... that."Yorke says the band members are each currently working on their own projects. But he says Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood is always pushing the rest of the band to do more. "He can't stand it anymore, the pace of the way we work. It's fallout from all our false starts."

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tax on Pot

Today the first tax on pot was passed today in the city of Oakland. A huge step in the community no matter what side you are on. But? ... How many people die of alcohol related incidents/accidents? and How many die from pot? ... Ah! that tells you what side i'm for. no? Just kiddin


New Mos Def.

I know it's been out for a while. But u gotta hear it.

Mos Def Feat. Slick Rick - Auditorium


It's raining ...

I found it!

This guy's awesome. Jason Lee.


Excuse me ...

Excuse our abscence. We've found a new beginning.

This is already all over the place. Banned in Germany. A little heavy, no?


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Suite

Summer Suite is a 40-minute jazz fusion piece produced and arranged by Madlib, under the name The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble. This suite is a single track comprised of four major sections and several different themes, altogether feeling similar to, more more cohesive, than one of Madlib's jazz mixtapes. “Electro-acoustic space jazz” itself is a fitting description.
The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble, a faceless and nameless collective in Madlib's self-created world of jazz groups, was debuted on the album Yesterdays Universe (2007). The compilation marked the end of Madlib's first series of jazz records, the Yesterdays New Quintet cycle (2000-2007), and the beginning of a new era, an evolved sound, and many new names: The Last Electro, Jackson Conti, Young Jazz Rebels, Jahari Masaba Unit, Kamala Walker and the Soul Tribe.
Summer Suite was originally created in 2007 and given a limited release in CD-R form for buyers of Yesterdays Universe in 2007. The Last Electro's long-delayed album Miles Away is still planned for release.
Fall Suite will be released near the end of this summer.
buy HERE straight from StonesThrow Records!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Banksy VS Bristol

to all the people who take pride killing whales (because eveyone know that's what makes you walk taller).
that just nod their head when something is dictated to them.
live life - just because, no goals.


Makes your hybrid look evil!

It's these little inventions that make you go, wow! gas prices are rising again and this just seems to fit the time just right.

Smug about your 65 mpg Prius potential? Don't be. A little car from up-start Riversimple looks set to deliver the equivalent of 300 mpg, running on hydrogen and utilizing a network of small fuel cells to power four motors, one per wheel. The recently unveiled prototype manages 240 miles on just 2.2 lbs of hydrogen, has a top speed of 50 mph, seats two (reasonably) comfortably, and looks a little like a smiling, new-age Citroen 2CV -- but will hopefully be a more enjoyable to drive. That considerable range means that the relative lack of hydrogen distribution stations is less of a problem (until you can get one for your garage), and an estimated monthly lease price of just £200 (about $330) makes it potentially affordable. The only question now is availability of the cars themselves, and since nobody's talking about that you needn't worry about delaying that appointment with your local Toyota dealer.

*from endgadget.com


Friday, June 12, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Cleveland Show!

Yeap! you read RIGHT! Cleveland is getting his own show!


What? No hugs?!

So a bunch of schools all over the nation are banning hugs. I know many of these kids do much more then hugging while in school that may be to obscene, but hugging? Really? What do you think?

these are a few videos on the subject.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It will blow your mind!

It's sad to say that these next artists shown are stil tied to those that write their name on a neighborhood wall just to "claim" territory. Maybe an eye-opener to show you the other side of graffiti art. It's really amazing work that needs to be seen. Who said art had to be all pretty in a frame in your living room?

for full link go here!


The Real Tuesday Weld

Please pay these peeps some serious attention anyway you can.


She's on another level

So. Her name is Julia Dales. And she's on some MIKE PATTON & RHAZEL LEVEL!
i think that about sums it up.


Thursday, May 21, 2009


What have we come to?? really? i mean beer at Chuck E Cheese and now this??
Does your daughter have a burning desire to play Ouija board? But clearly she can’t since the game is totally for boys? Well, for only $19.99, you can make your daughter’s dream come true, because Hasbro just came out with a new “just for girls” Ouija board!
What makes this edition different from the original Ouija board that can be handmade in minutes? I’ll give you one guess. You got it: It’s pink!
Not only that, but this new edition also comes with 72 question cards, since a big problem for young girls is that they always freeze up when it’s their turn to ask a ghost a personal question about their lives.
According to the product description, girls needn’t worry their pretty little heads any longer:
It has always been mysterious. It has always been mystifying. And now the OUIJA Board is just for you, girl. With 72 fun questions included, you'll never run out of things to ask. Who will call/text me next? Will I be a famous actor someday? Who wishes they could trade places with me?
Who would have guessed that a splash of pink is all it takes to get the catty, boy-crazy girl ghosts to spill the beans?
You might be interested to learn that the game is marketed for girls between the ages of eight and twelve. Now third graders don’t have to worry whether that “special someone” will send them a text. They can just ask a dead person! Progress never looked so good.
via strollerderby
xoxo mar

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dark Night Of The Soul

So ... starting from left. David Lynch, Sparkle Horse, & Danger Mouse

Dark Night Of the Soul is a project that was between Danger Mouse & Sparkle Horse and it included people like The Flaming Lips, Frank Black of the Pixies, Vic Chestnutt, Julian Casablancas from The Strokes, and Iggy Pop just to name a FEW.

It consisted of an album (duh!) but it was supposed to come with a book of pictures taken by Mr. David Lynch. Now, if you know about David Lynch's work besides the film then you know you're in for a treat. And that's not even including the magic that Danger Mouse & Sparkle Horse create when they make music (Gorillaz, Gnarles Barkley, The Grey album)

The posters for the deal first started showing up in the streets of Ausitn during SXSW. And then people (companies like NPR) started receiving the advertising postersbut with no return address and just weird stuff like that.

Well, due to some differences the album is yet to be released but the book is out and it comes with a blank CD-R for you to make your owc CD - with what you think should be the music that goes along to it.



original website for DARK NIGHT HERE


Friday, May 8, 2009

Mr. Bernal cover Cheap Trick.

I thought this was just too funny. I love this cats movies. He did - Science of Sleep, Amores Perros etc... Cool dude.

This DJ has no arms ...

couldnt get much info on this. but it's just incredible. I think


New Mixtape from your truly, truly.

So. Unto a new chapter.

Things finally looking good after a big drought.

I got some honey for your ears ...

It's called my cermonial sex
(link works now, lol)
(my own homage to my favorites movie directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Luis Buñuel, & Darren Aronofsky. Along with Madlib. MF Doom, The Mars Volta Etc.) I wanted to make it sound the way my favorite movies and albums sound like.

So the story goes like this. I had huge wishes of making this like a professional recording. I wrote out some notes to record a couple of musicians and tell little stories between the mixes along with funny skits. My boy Frankie got down on some major cutting with his amazing scratching skills. My friend had written some guitar parts to make an intro and make the tape sound kind of like a movie. No stopping for anything ... just non-stop music and crazy noises and stories to go along with it.

Well it didn't go through. The sessions became kind of lame with no energy at least from a couple of the partners I was working with. I found myself making stuff by MYSELF. So you can't do that and put everyone's name on it. Know what I mean? If I make something then It's going to have my name on it. And that's it. ---*maybe my daughters name because she's the one who pushes me to take things further. Even if she hides my headphones, its kool.

Anyway, this cat that I was working with told me he wasn't contributing because he didn't have the creativity to make stuff like that. He had nothing to say. My question was, than what the hell are you doing trying to DJ? Get it.
It was horrible.

Now. This is what I saved out of the chaos. I hope you enjoy it. And hopefully you can feel the frustration and happiness and sadness and everything in between that I felt at the time.

* I know it's JUST another mix. but I swear there was alot more to it.






Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SWINE FLU OH MY........... syke!!!

Quickly, don your paper masks! Stay indoors! The dirty Mexican pig influenza is here, to sicken you! Wocka wocka. Did you know that America had another swine flu panic, in 1976? Let's reminisce, and laugh:

1976. Gerald Ford is leading our nation. Swine flu is detected in the populace. Panic! A history in NYT headlines:
February 20, 1976:" U.S. Calls Flu Alert On Possible Return Of Epidemic's Virus; U.S. FLU ALERT SET ON EPIDEMIC VIRUS"
Sounds familiar!

March 25, 1976: "Ford Urges Flu Campaign To Inoculate Entire U.S.; He Will Ask Congress for $135 Million to Make Vaccine for a New Virus to Avert Fall and Winter Epidemics Ford Urges U.S. Flu Campaign To Inoculate Entire Population"
Bold Action!

April 10, 1976: "$135 Million Voted By Senate to Fund Flu Immunization"
Unquestioning political acquiescence!

May 21, 1976: "Race for a Swine Flu Vaccine Began; In a Manhattan Lab Race to Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Began in a Manhattan Lab"
Feature stories!

June 9, 1976: "Experts in Europe Question U.S. Plan For Mass Flu Shots; Europeans Question U.S. Flu-Shot Plan"
Europe: Always trying to disrupt America's bold actions with "science." Shut up, Europe!

October 13, 1976: "SWINE FLU PROGRAM IS HALTED IN 9 STATES AS 3 DIE AFTER SHOTS; DEATHS OCCUR IN PITTSBURGH But No Evidence is Found That Fatalities Among Elderly Were a Result of Vaccinations States Halt Swine Flu Program as 3 Die After Shots"
The bold action has backfired!November 24, 1976: "Swine Flu Victim, Back on Job, Asserts Regular Flu Was Worse"
The problem wasn't that bad in the first place!

December 17, 1976: "SWINE FLU PROGRAM SUSPENDED IN NATION; DISEASE LINK FEARED; 94 CASES OF PARALYSIS CITED U.S. Aides Act Because of Concern That Shots May Be Connected to Guillain-Barre Syndrome"
In fact the cure was worse than the disease!

February 5, 1977: "Swine Flu Program Brings $10.7 Million in Claims; 104 Suits Already Filed Are Viewed as only the First Wave"
The government must pay for its bold action!

November 16, 1978: "Around the Nation; Over $2.64 Billion in Claims Filed in Swine Flu Program"
And pay some more!

October 17, 1980: "$49 Million in Swine Flu Vaccine To Be Destroyed by Government"
And pay some more! The end.

Here's what we have today: 20 confirmed cases of this flu, which has killed nobody here. It'll spread for a while. Okay. There are plenty more deadly diseases already here, killing people every day! Even in Mexico, the epicenter of the deadly outbreak, and home to a far, far worse health care system than we have, it's only killed 103 people. That's a lot fewer people than have been killed in the Juarez drug war this year. This is a page B-3 story that's gone all A-1.


(resposted via jezebel by Hamilton Nolan)

lady gaga ???


if you know me then you know i am a really huge fan of lady gaga. She is was original ? i dont know if she is anymore, i cant help but think shes trying to be differnt as a oppose to someone who is different. I like the old gaga, dont get me wrong shes still doing her own thing and is still great, but i miss the gaga that didnt have the fake accent and wasnt trying so hard to push the limits.
Maybe shes just tired of all these stupid hoes trying to imitate her. lol

Either way i still love her music

xxx MAR

Monday, April 27, 2009


Our next post here is kind of a gem for us, comes from one of Dallas' best dj's. And by that I don't mean "oooh, he's good!" but I mean this cat has skills. Phinatik has been around forever but stayed on a bit of a hiatus for a while - BUT HE'S BACK AND IN FULL EFFECT!!! PLEASE DOWLOAD HIS LATEST MIX AND BUMP IT!!!!!!!


The Master ... Aphex Twin - Cabaret

One of my all-time favorite producers/creators.

Aphex Twin, Cabaret from Flat-e on Vimeo.