Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stones Throw kicks off Dilla Month

As a 1st post I couldn’t find anything better then a Madlib album. In case you don’t know who madlib is please run over to Stones Throw real quick.
Maldib has been making some of the finest hip-hop ever! His style is unique in the sense that … well? Nothing like it has been made before! His Beat Konducta series has been a bunch of instrumental tracks with his signature mind-bending samples all over it making it almost like a movie but in audio. It’s a whole trip!

And today he (& J Rocc) released Beat Konducta Vol. 5 -6 a tribute to J Dilla. Which in my opinion is some of the most unwordly mystical hip-hop ever released. Pay a tribute to the man an run over & get it now!

*edit* NPR did a spot on him please take a listen. -It's dilla month.

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