Thursday, February 26, 2009

California to Legalize Marijuana?

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In 1996, California became the first start to legalize medical marijuana. As cash-strapped as the state is, all bets are off. Assembly Bill AB 390 would legalize, and tax, marijuana sales in California.
Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, introduced legislation Monday. If approved by the California Legislature and signed by the governor, it would effectively do what many have wanted: make pot the same as alcohol, in terms of legalities, anyway.
AB 390 has been endorsed by some law enforcement officials and would tax all pot sales at a rate of $50 per ounce.
At a news conference at the state building on Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco, Ammiano said:
"With the state in the midst of an historic economic crisis, the move towards regulating and taxing marijuana is simply common sense. California has the opportunity to be the first state in the nation to enact a smart, responsible public policy for the control and regulation of marijuana."
Besides that, of course, it would add, according to Ammiano, $1.3 billion in tax revenue annually.
Ammiano added:
"We could in fact have the political will to do something, and certainly in the meantime this is a public policy call and I think it's worth the discussion. I think the outcome would be very healthy for California and California's economy."
Even if California were to pass this, federal law still prohibits marijuana use. That fact has gotten some medical marijuana users and growers into trouble, and AB 390 would just exacerbate that problem.
*** can't give my opinion on smoking because it would make me a target, lol but watch these next vids and give it a thought!


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