Friday, April 10, 2009

Bjork - dubbed by Switch!

Bjork, she's always been that kind of love it or hate it kind of artist ... and well? I really love it. her music and style is among the most unique I've witnessed. She has always set the standards as to how bad ass music can get ... She did an awesome job on MEDULLA (every track of the record is made completely by voices and it included people like Mike Patton and Rhazel doing the beats so if that alone doesn't tell you something then I don't know what will).

She did a song called Nattura alongside Radiohead trendsetter Mr. Thom Yorke and the proceeds from the sale of the track go toward funding the, Náttúra campaign to support Icelandic environmental causes.

Anyway - this emerged not too long ago with Dave Taylor's "Switch" alias right next to it ... So right away my socks flew off thinking i was in for a new house track. WRONG I WAS! but this is probable one of the best mistakes I could have made. Switch turned it into a nasty dubstep track ... and it BLEW MY MIND AWAY!!!!!! please listen and pass it on ... and buy Switch & Bjorks records!!!!!!!!!!

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