Wednesday, March 25, 2009

on my way ... part 1

So coachella is only about 2 weeks away (lil more) and I never knew of alot of the bands playing there. I love going somewhere where I'm not familiar with the music ... makes me feel as if I've discovered a hidden treasure. So this post will be about exciting acts I just got my head around.

So, these guys have been around for a while - but I never got around to them until now. Like the Beatles came back. (I dont like to compare like that but these guys really sound alike, lol) I give you DR. DOG!

Ettiene De Crecy is going to be effing crazy ... these dudes play live on stage inside a cube that lights up and dances around along with the music!

Bajofondo is the last part. for now. Im almost embarrased not ever listening to these guys before. If you are in any way into Gotan Project then you should definetly know about theseguys. Amazing sweet music. A definite must for me. Please pay respect to BAJOFONDO!

Until next time. Stay tuned.

PS. please pay attention to the posts. I try not to fool around too much and get straight to the point. The videos and things I post up here are very interesting. I can guarantee you will not waste time. lol


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