Sunday, March 29, 2009

Las Muertas De Juarez (dead women of juarez)

As we hear the increasingly sharp criticism of the drug traffic in the boarder city of Juarez, Mexico, the real issue in my eyes is being ignored. I agree that drug violence on the boarder is a problem but what is really going on in Juarez?

Since they have been counting in the early 90's, hundreds of young women in Juarez have gone missing or have turned up dead. Some of the dead women that where actually found are burnt and dressed in another woman's clothes. Some police are in on it because they try to convince the victim's families that Any body they find is their family member. The victims are easy to dismiss because they are almost all impoverished. Adding to the problem, Mexican government estimates 1.3 million residents, but the real population may be closer to 2 million. How can you miss a thousand people if they "weren't there" in the first place.

This is obviously a huge sex-trafficking ring. I never wanted to believe that this happens in modern times but the slave trade is alive and well - on the U.S. boarder. Why is this issue ignored? Why are drugs more important than women in the Administrations eyes? While no doubt they are connected, the focus away from femicide makes me realize that women's rights still have a long ways to go. Activists have been met with coordinated violence and terrorism. Does America not care about women or is it that they just don't know? I would like to think that is a hopeful ignorance - but one we need to correct.

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