Friday, October 9, 2009


Wow, I just found out about this guy. Sonido Chico from Mexico but currently living in Los Angeles. His music sounds like he took a bunch of old "disco" music from mexico and mashed it up with the dirtiest loops ever!!!!! It really appeals to me ... being a full blown beaner! Because growing up in mexico city - you would always hear the trax that SONIDO plays in his mixes. I'm glad to know that someone decided to touch up these songs with their much needed new millenium update!

*promise as soon as I find somewhere to buy them I'll post up the info!

for now... hear it please!

chico sonido a bailar (el ritmo ) teaser from chico sonido on Vimeo.

chico sonido mas discotheque teaser from chico sonido on Vimeo.


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